Believe in yourself... You will get there!

A personal message...

Dear Friends, 


For more than 25 years, I have been helping empower both women, men and their loved ones from all walks of life. Sometimes it can be about creating emotional well-being or greater meaning in life, and other times it can be about reaching professional or personal goals. Whether you are feeling stuck, suffering or eager to create something different in life today; I am ready to help you transform what keeps you from where you would like to be tomorrow.

If you are really committed to taking that step forward, I believe with a little professional support, you can “get there” too, with greater ease.  You are worthy of feeling your best and enjoying a prosperous life filled with loving relationships and personal meaning. You are not alone. I welcome you to contact me from anywhere around the world to explore that which awaits you. 


Warm regards,

Dionís Thomson

Coach and Psychoterapist


MA Counseling Psychology, University of Colorado,
BA Psychology,  Metropolitan State University, USA

How Dionís would work with you...

Dionís offers you an initial informative session face to face or via video streaming (Whatsapp Video, Skype...) to get to know about you, your needs and particular objectives.  If you are unsure about whether coaching or psychotherapy would be best for you, he will recommend an approach given your unique situation. He draws from a wide range of techniques and focuses on:

Creating concrete changes; including actualizing potential, promoting growth, improving efficiency and productivity, overcoming inhibitions, and resolving symptoms. 

Working in a time-limited manner and having specific experiential outcomes in mind as measures of success.

Helping make people healthier, alleviating suffering and creating happier and more meaningful lives.

Working with the conscious experience, while helping clients understand self-limiting behavior by becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Understanding the social and practical realities of a client's life to be better able to help.

Bringing out a client´s strengths, potential and desired outcomes.

Coaching Programs

Professional Development

Personal Growth

Humanistic Psychotherapies 

Individual Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy

Child and Adolescent Treatment


"Thanks for helping me take hold of the reins of my life. I feel like myself again, happy y hopeful...